Our team

Joanne PottsCompany Director, Consultant Statistician


Joanne is the Director of The Analytical Edge Statistical Consulting. She has worked in Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA in both academic and government settings as a statistical consultant. show more »

Please see Joanne's Google Scholar Profile for update record of her peer reviewed, scientific publications. She is available for contact at for further information.


Mike Cove


Mike Cove is an applied conservation ecologist and mammalogist, with a strong quantitative background, having completed his PhD studies at NCSU utilising occupancy modelling and spatial capture-recapture techniques to study small mammals. show more »

Jim Lovell


Jim has a PhD in physics from the University of Tasmania and has worked primarily in the fields of radio astronomy and geodesy, with roles in research, operations and project management. show more »

Hugh McGregor


Dr Hugh McGregor is a wildlife researcher, specialising in the ecology and impacts of feral cats. show more »

Leslie New


Dr Leslie New graduated from Cornell University (BS in Natural Resources, 2003) and the University of St Andrews (PhD in Statistics and Biology, 2010). She remained at St Andrews as a postdoctoral fellow, before continuing her research with the US Marine Mammal Commission and the US Geological Survey at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. show more »

Roland Proud


Roland Proud is Company Director of Cupar Analytics.